040 The Legend of King Midas


A king is in love with gold, and is granted the power to turn whatever he touches into gold!  This is great!  Isn’t it?

The story of King Midas is a great one for Thanksgiving or anytime we want to reflect on what we’re grateful for in life.  It’s important to count our blessings and remember all the things we have to be thankful for.

The lesson: Be thankful for what you have.

039 The Vault


Another Halloween episode!  The Vault is a creepy story about a boy who works in a graveyard and accidentally gets locked inside one of the old tombs. It was inspired by an old horror story by HP Lovecraft called “In the Vault”.

Not too scary for younger audiences, but definitely a little creepy.  Probably scarier for parents!

The lesson: You are stronger and smarter than you realize.

038 Hide and Seek


A Halloween episode: two girls are left home alone and decide to play hide and seek.  As they look for places to hide around the house, they discover that they may not be all alone after all!

The lesson: Always take care of your siblings.

037 The Tale of Peter Rabbit


A very naughty rabbit gets himself into a very dangerous situation. Will he make it out alive? A beloved classic by Beatrix Potter.

The lesson: It’s OK to take advice from others (and sometimes you should).

036 The Story of Ferdinand


Ferdinand was a young bull who lived in Madrid, Spain.  Unlike the other bulls, Ferdinand didn’t like to fight and rough house with the other bulls, he preferred to sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers!  So, how on earth did he end up getting picked to fight in the bull fights, and what happened to him?

The lesson: Be yourself and don’t let others change what you love.

035 The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher


Jeremy Fisher is a frog that lives in a small house in the middle of the buttercups of the pond.  Wearing a raincoat and galoshes, he goes fishing with his rod made of a stalk of grass and a horsehair.  A trout rises from the water and seizes him with a snap, but doesn’t like the taste of his raincoat spits him out immediately.  From that day Jeremy no longer went fishing.

The lesson: Keep trying when things get hard.

034 The Princess and the Pea


A prince wishes to marry a princess, but he wants to make sure she is a real princess rather than one of the dozens of royal pretenders who inhabit the realm.  The royal family concocts a plan to discover her true identity!

The lesson: Don’t judge people before getting to know them. 

033 The Gingerbread Man


A gingerbread man comes to life, but everybody wants to eat him! Can he get away before he becomes an afternoon snack?

032 The Story of St. Valentine


Do you know why we ask people to “be our Valentine” on Valentine’s Day?  St. Valentine is why!  He was a real person and his story of love is one to remember!  It was so important that we celebrate it every year.  Learn who Father Valentine was and what he did to inspire us to show people that we love them.

031 The Poky Little Puppy


A poky little puppy digs under the fence and escapes into the wide, wide world with his brothers and sisters. Will he be able to make his way home?

030 The Boy Who Cried Wolf


A bored, young shepherd decides to amuse himself.  Can the villagers ever forgive him?

029 The Story of the Toy Woolly Dog


A little boy wants a new, stuffed, woolly dog toy to add to his collection.  Where on earth is he going to get one?  Maybe he should take matters into his own hands!

028 Comrades


A little black kitten becomes lost on a rainy day, and a little boy is in need of a best friend!  Will these two lonely souls find each other in their time of greatest need?

027 Rosie O’Sullivan’s Adventure


One night, a young girl is lifted from her bedroom by magic and flies above the countryside!  She meets a beautiful horse during her adventure, but the two must eventually separate.  Will Rosie ever see her friend again?

026 Beauty and the Beast


An old merchant is imprisoned in a mansion by a terrible beast, but his beautiful daughter switches places with him!  How will she react to the beast, and what exactly is the beast?

025 Wilbur’s Escape


A little pig named Wilbur is able to escape from his pigpen and experience true freedom!  What will he do now that he’s escaped?

024 Rapunzel


A witch takes a young girl from her family as an infant and hides her away in a tower!  Rapunzel thinks she’s happy until one day when a Prince stumbles upon her tower.

023 Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp


A young man finds a magical lamp and a genie who grants his every wish!  One day, an evil sorcerer steals it and kidnaps the sultan’s daughter.  Can Aladdin save her and get his genie back?

022 Rumpelstiltskin


A weaver lies to the king to make himself seem more important than he is, but his daughter gets stuck having to spin straw into gold!  Will she be able to do it?  Maybe with the help of a magical little man.

021 Sleeping Beauty


A princess is cursed by a fairy to sleep for 100 years!  Is there any prince strong enough to make his way into the castle and wake her from her slumber?