055 The Lonely Dragon

055 The Lonely Dragon

Published: 2/13/2023

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Welcome to Storytime with Dad! Today, we’ll be reading, The Lonely Dragon.

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom filled with wonder and adventure, there lived a young dragon named Sparky. Sparky was unlike any other dragon in the land. While most dragons were known for breathing fire, Sparky had a unique ability; he could breathe beautiful, colorful fireworks. Sparky’s scales shimmered in the sunlight, reflecting every color of the rainbow.

But why was Sparky special? I’m glad you asked. Well, in the mystical land where Sparky was born, a rare heavenly event known as the Comet of Colors graced the night sky once every thousand years. This comet was no ordinary comet; it was woven of magic itself, shimmering with brilliant colors that danced across the sky, painting the world below in a kaleidoscope of light. Legend had it that any creature born under the Comet of Colors would be bestowed with extraordinary magical abilities, unlike anything the world had seen.

On the very night Sparky’s egg began to crack, the Comet of Colors made its appearance, bathing the land in its enchanting light. As Sparky emerged from his egg, the first thing to touch his scales was the comet’s magical glow, infusing him with the rare and beautiful power to breathe not fire, but fireworks. It was a gift from the universe.

Now, you see, the dragons of Sparky’s clan were known for their fearsome fire-breathing ability, a trait celebrated and respected among them. So, Sparky was…well, different. So while his clan loved him, he was a little lonely because he couldn’t participate in regular activities that the dragons did. Like the ember relay, or the fire sculpting contest. It’s hard to sculpt fire when all you can do is shoot fireworks! It’s not like the dragons were trying to exclude Sparky, it’s just that breathing fire is what the dragons love to do!

So Sparky was talented but lonely. He wanted to make friends, but it was hard! To make matters worse, the people in the kingdom were afraid of dragons so they stayed away. Sparky was gentle and kind, and his clan was too, but dragons do have sort of a bad reputation. I mean, who wants to take the risk of being friends with a fire breathing dragon that might eat you!? But Sparky knew, if the people would just get to know him that they’d love him and the dragons, too!

One day, a big celebration was announced in the kingdom. It was the Queen’s birthday, and a grand festival was to be held at night, with music, dancing, and a grand display of fireworks to end the celebration. Sparky heard about this celebration and had a great idea that he could use it to make some friends.

As night fell and the festival reached its peak, Sparky flew to the edge of the village, just close enough to be seen but not too close to scare anyone. He took a deep breath and breathed out a magnificent display of fireworks, brighter and more colorful than any the villagers had ever seen. The sky lit up with dazzling reds, greens, blues, and yellows, captivating everyone’s attention.

The people were amazed. They had never seen fireworks like Sparky’s, so magical and full of life. Sparky remained hidden and kept up this display for a while and slowly began to emerge from the shadows until he was finally in full view of the party-goers. One by one the people began to realize what was happening. The fireworks show they were in awe of was being produced by none other than a sparkly rainbow dragon named Sparky.

There were a few very confused looks exchanged as the people began to realize what was happening. Dragons aren’t… mean? They want to show us fireworks and not eat us? It was unbelievable, but everyone was enjoying the show and their fear of the dragon began to go away.

Seeing the joy on the faces of the villagers, Sparky felt a warmth in his heart. He continued his display, making the fireworks dance in the sky, forming shapes of animals, flowers, and even a portrait of the Queen herself, which made her smile and clap in delight.

After the display, the villagers cheered and called out for the dragon to come closer. Sparky slowly walked forward, but instead of fear and weapons, he was greeted with smiles and gratitude. The people thanked him for the most beautiful fireworks they had ever seen and asked if he would like to join the festival.

Sparky was overjoyed. He joined the celebration, sharing stories and laughter with his new friends. The Queen declared Sparky the kingdom’s official fireworks dragon, inviting him to every celebration to share his unique gift.

From that day on, Sparky was never lonely again. He became a beloved figure in the kingdom, a symbol of joy and friendship. The villagers learned that dragons were not to be feared but embraced for their unique talents and kind hearts. As time went on the pepople began to join the dragon celebrations too! Watching the ember relay and cheering their lizards friends from the sidelines.

And Sparky, the dragon who once wished for friends, found himself surrounded by love and happiness, proving that even the most unlikely creatures can become the greatest of friends.

The end.

What a wild tale! Magic, dragons, comets in the sky, this story has it all doesn’t it. I wrote this story, a story about a dragon, for my friend Avery. Thank you again for the story request I hope you liked hearing as much as I liked writing and reading it!

So my takeaway from this story is kindness and generosity. By choosing to share his gift with the villagers, Sparky showed us just how wonderful the world can be when we share our talents and abilities with others, too. It can bring joy and happiness, not just to other people but also to ourselves. By being himself, Sparky was able to let everyone know that dragons aren’t super scary things and the entire kingdom was able to be friends with one another because he didn’t let that fear of being different stand in his way.

If you want to make friends, try doing what Sparky did. You are amazing and beautiful. Sometimes people can’t see that right away. It may take time, and you may need to meet potential friends somewhere that they’re comfortable so they can see just how wonderful and special you really are just like Sparky did. He went to the humans’ kingdom and said hi, he didn’t make them come to the dragons! That obviously would not have worked, but once Sparky reached out to be friends, it did work. I’m glad for a happy ending to the story, and now for the beginning of a new one where humans and dragons can come together.

Speaking of new stories, if there are any stories you all want me to read, or new story requests, send them to hello@storytimewithdad.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for listening, I’ll see you again next time.

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