038 Hide and Seek

038 Hide and Seek

Published: 10/01/2021

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Welcome to Storytime with Dad, today we will be reading a spooky story: Hide and Seek.

Two young sisters were at home alone in the apartment while their parents visited their neighbors next door for a while.

“Be good, girls,” their parents said.

To keep themselves occupied the girls decided to play a game of hide and seek. The older sister turned her head to the wall and began to count. She could hear her little sister’s feet as she scampered about looking for a place to hide.

“Ready or not I’m coming,” cried the older sister and off she went looking for her sister. She looked in all the usual places, behind the sofa, in the bathroom behind the shower curtain, behind the curtains in every room, and under all the beds, but she couldn’t find her. The apartment was eerily silent.

Then she heard a scraping sound coming from the wardrobe. The girl was sure she’d already looked there, but she went anyway and called out, “Come out I’ve found you!” but there was only silence.

Again she called for her sister to come out and again nothing. Opening the door, the girl tried to peer behind the wall of dresses and coats hanging there. She bent down, but she did not see any feet standing there. She began to rise up and put her hand out into the mass of clothing to feel for her little sister when a small, white, icy cold hand came out, grabbed her wrist, and tried to pull her into the closet!

As she was trying to pull herself free, she heard a noise behind her, looked over her shoulder, and saw her sister behind her. “Couldn’t you find me?” asked the girl.

The older sister screamed in fright and desperately tried to free herself from the grip of the hand, all the while being pulled into the wardrobe. The younger sister grabbed her and together they managed to pull free. They both ran screaming from the apartment!

Nobody knows what would have happened if the hand had managed to pull her in. Do you?

The end.

Well, I’m certainly glad the girls were able to escape! Hopefully their parents found them after they ran from the apartment, and I’m sure whatever it was in their closet that grabbed them is gone. But who knows what it really was.

I appreciate the sisterhood we see in this story – the girls stuck together and were able to stay safe by helping one another out. That’s one of the great things about having a sibling. They can be a pain at times, and maybe a little irritating when they want to play with our toys, but they’re our a siblings and we should always watch out for one another.

Happy October! This month, I will be posting a few spooky stories like this one for your enjoyment during the Halloween season, the content will always appropriate for my younger listeners.

Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to rate this podcast, read along at storytimewithdad.com, and send me a hello at hello@storytimewithdad.com. I’ll see you again next time.

Narrated by: Grant Dryden

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