058 Who Wants Arthur?

058 Who Wants Arthur?

Published: 7/10/2024

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Welcome to Storytime with Dad! Today, we will be reading Who Wants Arthur?

In a small town nestled between rolling hills and a glistening river, there was a quaint pet shop named “Paws and Claws.” The shop was filled with animals of all kinds, from playful puppies to colorful parrots. Every animal had its own charm, and most found loving homes within days of arriving. All except for one.

Arthur was a scruffy little rabbit with a patchy coat and a slightly crooked ear. He had arrived at Paws and Claws months ago and had been overlooked by countless families who came looking for the perfect pet. Arthur wasn’t as fluffy as the kittens or as colorful as the parrots. He was shy and often hid in the corner of his cage, watching the world pass by with sad, soulful eyes.

Despite his rough exterior, Arthur had a heart of gold. He would gently nudge the hand of anyone who came close, hoping for a bit of affection. But, more often than not, he was passed over for the more exuberant animals. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Arthur began to lose hope of ever finding a family to call his own.

One chilly autumn afternoon, a little girl named Emily wandered into the pet shop with her father. Emily had been saving her allowance for months to buy a pet, and today was finally the day. She walked past the playful puppies and chirping birds, past the fluffy kittens and the exotic reptiles, until she reached the back of the shop where Arthur’s cage was.

Arthur looked up as Emily approached, his nose twitching curiously. Emily crouched down to get a better look at the scruffy rabbit. “Hi there,” she said softly. Arthur slowly came out of his corner and sniffed her hand. His eyes, though sad, held a glimmer of hope.

Emily’s father, Mr. Johnson, looked at the little rabbit and frowned. “Are you sure you want this one, Emily? He doesn’t look like much.”

But Emily was already smitten. She saw something in Arthur that no one else had. “I want him, Daddy. I think he’s perfect.”

The shop owner, Mrs. Thompson, smiled as she watched the scene unfold. “Arthur is a very special rabbit,” she said. “He’s had a rough start, but he’s got a lot of love to give.”

Mr. Johnson sighed but couldn’t deny the look of determination on his daughter’s face. “Alright, Emily. If you’re sure, then Arthur it is.”

The moment the cage door opened, Arthur bounded out and nuzzled Emily’s cheek, his whiskers tickling her face. For the first time in a long while, Arthur felt truly happy.

Emily and her father took Arthur home, and from that day forward, the scruffy rabbit’s life changed completely. He had a warm bed, plenty of food, and a family that loved him unconditionally. Emily and Arthur became inseparable, spending their days exploring the garden, playing in the yard, and snuggling up together on the couch.

Arthur’s patchy coat began to shine, and his crooked ear stood tall. He may have been a pet shop reject once, but in Emily’s eyes, he was perfect. Arthur had finally found the sweet home he had always dreamed of.

One sunny afternoon, Emily decided to take Arthur for a hop in the garden. They strolled along the path, enjoying the crisp autumn air and the golden leaves that crunched underfoot. As they walked, they saw Emily’s mother, Mrs. Johnson, sitting on a blanket with a baby stroller beside her. Inside the stroller was Emily’s baby brother, Max, who had been very fussy and hard to soothe lately.

As they approached, Max began to cry. Mrs. Johnson looked weary. “Hello, Emily. Hi, Arthur,” she said with a tired smile. “Max has been so fussy today. Nothing seems to calm him down.”

Arthur, sensing the baby’s distress, gently tugged at Emily’s sleeve and led her over to the stroller. He hopped up and nuzzled Max’s tiny hand with his soft nose. To everyone’s amazement, Max immediately stopped crying and giggled at Arthur’s touch.

Mrs. Johnson’s eyes widened in surprise. “Well, look at that. Arthur has the magic touch!”

Emily beamed with pride. “Arthur is special, Mom. He just knows what Max needs.”

From that moment on, Arthur became an integral part of the family, especially in caring for Max. Whenever Max was upset, Arthur would be there to nuzzle him and make him laugh. Emily’s parents were grateful for the unexpected help, and they loved Arthur just as much as Emily did.

As the days turned into weeks, Arthur’s presence brought a new sense of peace and joy to the Johnson family. He had arrived just when they needed him most, and his gentle nature and loving heart made their lives so much better. Emily and Arthur continued to have their adventures, exploring the garden and playing in the yard, but now they also had a new mission: looking after Max together.

Arthur had found his forever family at the perfect time. He was no longer stuck in the pet shop; he was a beloved companion with a heart full of love and a purpose that made him truly special.

As winter set in, the Johnson family prepared for the holiday season. Emily and Arthur loved this time of year, with its twinkling lights, festive music, and the cozy warmth of the fireplace. One evening, as snowflakes gently fell outside, Emily’s family gathered in the living room to decorate the Christmas tree. Arthur hopped around excitedly, his eyes wide with wonder at the sparkling ornaments and the glowing lights.

“Arthur, look at this,” Emily said, holding up a shiny red ornament. Arthur sniffed it curiously and gave a happy little hop. Emily giggled and hung the ornament on a low branch so Arthur could admire it.

As they continued to decorate, Max began to fuss in his playpen. Mrs. Johnson picked him up and tried to soothe him, but Max seemed inconsolable. Arthur, sensing Max’s distress, hopped over and nuzzled his tiny hand. Max immediately stopped crying and reached out to pet Arthur’s soft fur.

Mr. Johnson watched in amazement. “Arthur really does have a magic touch,” he said. “He’s become such an important member of our family.”

Emily nodded, her heart swelling with love for her special rabbit. “Arthur is the best gift we could have ever asked for!”

The holidays brought even more joy and laughter to the Johnson household. Arthur played in the snow with Emily, hopping around and making little rabbit tracks that crisscrossed with Emily’s footprints. They built snowmen together with Arthur giving them his own special touch.

On Christmas morning, Emily woke up early and rushed downstairs, Arthur following close behind. The tree was surrounded by presents, and Emily’s excitement was palpable. She carefully opened her gifts, delighted by each one. Arthur watched with curiosity, his nose twitching as he explored the wrapping paper and ribbons.

“Look, Arthur,” Emily said, holding up a small, wrapped package. “This one’s for you!”

Arthur tilted his head, his eyes bright with anticipation. Emily gently unwrapped the package to reveal a cozy little bed just his size, complete with a soft blanket. Arthur hopped into it immediately, snuggling into the warmth.

“Do you like it, Arthur?” Emily asked, petting him gently. Arthur’s contented sigh and the happy twitch of his nose were all the answer she needed.

Arthur’s journey from the pet shop to being a beloved family member was beautiful. He had come into the Johnsons’ lives just when they needed him most, and he had filled their hearts with joy and their home with warmth.

Every night, as he curled up at the foot of Emily’s bed or by Max’s crib, Arthur knew that he was exactly where he was meant to be. He had found his sweet home and his place in the world, and he was happier than he had ever imagined.

Sometimes, the right moment and the right people come into our lives when we need them the most. Arthur had found his perfect place at just the right time.

The end.

What a sweet story! The idea for it came from two of my listeners Breezy and Aubrey, thank you both for making the story suggestion! It was just one of many ideas that you had, and I enjoyed thinking up a good story around the idea of a petshop reject who finds a loving home. I hope you liked it!

I have gotten quite a few emails from listeners and even if it takes me some time I will get around to reading all of your stories and ideas. And thank you all for the wonderful messages!

Now, I think the story of Arthur today just goes to show, that sometimes we may not understand why things are hard. We might be sad like Arthur, maybe we don’t understand why something happened. But, eventually, the right moment will come along and it’ll all make sense. Even if we were sad, that sadness had a purpose.

I want to wager a guess here that maybe Arthur’s sadness at the beginning of the story is what helped to grow his magic. Clearly, the bunny had a lot of love to give, but by understanding sadness I’m sure he was also better able to show love to people who were sad or hurting. Life has a way of giving us our very own magic powers just like this. So the next time you experience something hard, think of what special powers it might grant you when you look back on it from the future. Everything has it’s own perfect time and place for happening, we just need to keep our eyes open and look for it.

Thanks again for all of your messages and story requests! Please feel free to suggest more at: storytimewithdad.com

Thank you for listening and I’ll see you again next time.

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